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  • We welcome your press-releases.  Our goal is to turn it into amazing content our audience would love to read.
  • Websites grow with the right kind of traffic. Organic, paid media, social and content. With the right kind of digital receipe and a plan, we start to Increase eyeballs and conversion.
  • We will add trigger words and research searches for SEO and prominence before publishing releases and stories.
  • Of course we welcome PR agencies to work with us.
  • Subject to meeting quality guidelines, your news will index in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Subject to Google, Bing and Yahoo news guidelines, your news will appear in the respective news websites. This creates enormous visibility for your brand, product and services. ?
  • We will also post your story to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, Telegram and our Whats’App and SMS news stream.  This way your news will reach a larger user base. 
  • We will include your news on email newsletters, breaking news alerts and Browser POP up flash news,
  • Our specialty is travel and tourism, but we’re good for many other brands. 
Breaking News Tip
We welcome legitimate non promotional breaking news tips and statements to be considered for complimentary inclusion.
Links are usually no-follow
No "earned media" pitches accepted for free consideration
Press Releases & Guest Posts
$1.00 to $775.00
Meant for visibility and impact
Included on eTurboNews and up to 50 syndication publications
Full editorial assistance in providing multiple versions of your story
SEO Enhancements & trigger keyword research
ZOOM or YOUTUBE Interviews included in our Feature Plan
Submitted to all major search engines
Google News, Bing News
Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram
Do follow links
Multiple photos & Video
Prominent front-page inclusion
e-newsletter inclusion
Wire service inclusion
Breaking News Alerts
Detailed Reports
Adopt an article already published
Did eTurboNews mention you in a recent article, but left out your links and cut some of your content?
Add your do-follow links
Remove any paywall
Include additional photos or videos
Add missing language including your ABOUT statement
Promote a Travel Special
Promote your travel deal on eTurboNews
Meant for trade and consumers
Your post is randomly shown on top of all 250,000+ news-articles for one week, Meant to attract a large audience with repeat exposure
Archived and searchable on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines.
NOTE: Travel Deals are NOT for regular press-releases.
Advertise while telling a story!

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